Our unique innovations & turn-key solutions based on our extensive experience & depth of knowledge will help you succeed. Our founder, M. C. Abraham, is India’s most experienced, successful & widely regarded publishing & media services outsourcing expert having pioneered the industry back in 1974 & our co-founder, Mat Abraham, managed media solutions technology for Quad/Graphics, USA with over 20 years experience serving all the top media & brand customers in the world.
Over the last 20 yrs, they have ALL acquired premedia startups in India founded, managed & co-owned by OMNiON Chairman & Managing Director – M. C. Abraham, the latest one being in 2012! We believe its our people that differentiate our value to our customers. Abraham is joined in OMNiON by the most valued talent that he’s worked with in India over the last several decades of proven publishing, technology & media innovation and solutions.
We Have Delivered Consistent Value Across All Our Relationships For Over 40 years:Our 40 Year Track Record
Mr. Abraham has a proven record established over the last 40 years providing premedia services of the highest quality & best value to the top brands & publishers.
Reduce Time to Market / Save Time
We are staffed for 24/7 production and enjoy a 10+ hours time zone advantage.
Expand Range of Services
OMNiON blends a wide range of professional services under one roof and this increases your ability to deal with the multi-dimensional challenges of today’s markets.
Complement Resources
Our staff becomes an extension of yours – we aim to become the perfect complement to your internal resources. You can use us on a regular basis or to manage the peaks and valleys in your production demand.
Best Practices
We can continually improve your processes & production workflows with our R&D innovation, technical excellence & deep functional expertise that borrows on decades of innovation & experience.
Top Technology
With the fastest internet lines in India (10Mbps) and innovative software tools & collaborative technologies we increase project visibility and overall process transparency & accountability.
Best Location
We are located in the Silicon-Valley & Outsourcing Capital of India – BANGALORE. This enables us to have access to the best talent anywhere in India. This also allows us to be easily accessible to our customers around the world – we welcome you to come visit us!
All Media
We are a cross-media services firm that is equally proficient in the mobile & video channel as we are in the internet & print media channels. Our innovative & thoughtful technology solutions across all channels – tablets/mobile (iOS & Android), web/internet & print deliver the most value to our global customers. We are a truly cross-media solutions provider while being an Apple Certified Developer on the Apple iOS & Google Developer on the Android mobile platforms.
Reduce Costs
With our skilled offshore craftspeople, cost savings can be upwards of 40-70%. Email us at Sales@OMNiON.biz